My work is rooted in my own fascination with image and persona in pop culture. Through years of dedicated television viewing, I have developed a deep appreciation for heroic pop personalities. The assortment my work represents some of my heroes and the ways in which I aspire to become them. "Portrait of the Artist" series grew out of my tag - Louie, my cat - and my fascination with costumes in Japanese pop culture and art.

In my work, I use a variety of mediums: some use only clay and glaze, while others incorporate "low-art" materials such as papier maché, fake gold chains and fake fur. I also employ different building techniques, such as slip casting, throwing and hand building. My subject matter ranges from the sex appeal of Elvis, to the cool of Mr. T to the mischievousness of Louie. The result is a mixed-bag. Technically, it draws from traditional craft, collectible kitsch, animation and contemporary sculpture. Thematically, it's an exploration of both my own iconography and of image as conveyed in pop culture. My work is an attempt to express my wonder at our absurdity and a celebration of the pop culture, which both feeds and mirrors it.


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